Do you want to explain a process, a technique or a complete training in an easy and direct way?

Internal training within the company, video tutorials or an online course. Whatever it is, we can help you synthesize what is most important and convey it in the most appropriate way.


By training video we mean that which is related to the transmission of knowledge through video.

Any company can generate content to train or inform its customers and employees. It is necessary to transmit useful, quality content and do it in a professional way.

From Cumulonimbus Audiovisuals we have helped many companies to develop their training video projects. Online courses for human resources companies, video tutorials for the beauty and health sector, training capsules for fitness companies or training videos for occupational hazard prevention are some examples.

We also offer streaming services. This technology allows you to broadcast live on the Internet and reach a non-presential audience. This may be the case, for example, of a Master Class with a limited capacity due to the physical space where it is carried out or of internal training between different headquarters of the same company.

Whatever your need for training video, we can help you put it into practice.

Below you can see three examples of training videos.


The video tutorial has a pedagogical aspect and a practical and brief format. Shows the user the steps to perform an activity or develop a procedure.

In this example we can see step by step how to make a bracelet in a clear way, following simple instructions and in a very visual way.


Every year, companies invest in the continuous training of their employees.

This example shows us a didactic and fun way to spread the main rules of occupational hazard prevention within the company. It conveys the message effectively and creates interest in the viewer.


An online training course usually consists of different training capsules arranged sequentially. Usually video is the main medium and is complemented by pdf documents and other materials.

This is a summary showing different excerpts from an online training course.

The training video is usually limited to professional channels, internal use within the company itself or payment platforms. Therefore, for the sake of confidentiality, we cannot show many works of this style. However you will find some examples of training videos in the project gallery.

Do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any questions.