If you take care of the organization of your event in detail, why aren’t you just as demanding with audiovisual production?

A good audiovisual production ensures that you have the appropriate material to promote before, during and after the event. It allows you to show your work to potential advertisers and sponsors, have more media presence, attract more audiences or stream live and reach more people.

A careful audiovisual production is important because, in the end, it is what is left and seen on social media and communication channels.


We are used to work in events with a high degree of demand, with very tight timings and taking into account many factors, in addition to generating descriptive images of the activities themselves.

Small and large, sporting, cultural or business events, conferences and product presentations. Whatever type of event you organize, we can offer you a tailor-made audiovisual service. From a camera operator to technical teams of more than 10 people. Multi-camera filming, aerial images with drones, interviews, on-board cameras, editing a summary video during the same day…

Whatever your need, we can help you put it into practice. 

We also offer streaming services. This technology makes it possible to broadcast live on the Internet and reach a much larger audience. You can work with simple single-camera configurations or complex multi-camera recordings and aerial imagery with drones.

Below you can see three examples of event videos.



Vídeo promocional de l'esdeveniment



It is currently very important to promote before, during and after any event. It is essential to keep the activity on social media as long as possible and to achieve this, video is the ideal tool.

This is an example of pre-promotion with the aim of creating expectation on social media and encouraging and accelerating early registrations.


Jaguar Days

Resum de l'esdeveniment (versió llarga)



Video summary of the activities carried out during a commercial event in order to build customer loyalty and promote the brand to new audiences.

It is possible to incorporate interviews to organizers, to provide information on specific topics, and to participants, to collect the opinion of users. A short and a long version is usually made for different applications on social media.


Fira de Canyelles

Vídeo promocional de la fira



Tourist and commercial promotion go hand in hand in this Christmas event. The aim of the video is to convey the close and familiar atmosphere that is lived there, in order to attract new audiences.

In these cases, daily footage is usually generated so that the organization can promote it in real time, and at the end of the event a video summary is made.


We also provide audiovisual coverage for other types of events such as business conferences and product presentations. However, the nature of these events is usually for the internal use of each company, and not for public broadcasting, for which we cannot show examples due to confidentiality.


In the project gallery you will find more examples of event videos.

Feel free to contact us to resolve any questions.