We are a small audiovisual production company, in Manresa, Barcelona, and this is a great advantage because you will always talk to the same person, from start to finish of every project. Easy and direct communication, ideal for optimizing time and resources and being able to work with tight quotes following professional workflows.

Carles Francitorra

I am the son and grandson of photographers, so i grew up immersed in the world of audiovisual and i think that gives me an extra professional background. Meticulous, organized and punctual, i firmly believe in the concept less is more. I’m charge of production and post-production video tasks.

Nú Vidal

I have a creative mind and great sense of humor. One of my tasks is the selection of music themes for the projects we carry out, an unknown and difficult job that requires time and a lot of patience. I also do management and production audiovisual tasks.


We are an audiovisual production company based in Manresa, which allows us to offer our services throughout Catalonia in a fast and agile way. We have more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector and we are the third generation linked to the world of professional image. This long history gives us a wide view of the audiovisual sector and allows us to tackle all types of projects with confidence and security, while being a guarantee for all our clients.


Over time, we have formed a team of reliable collaborators that allows us to have a small structure and be very flexible to deal with all kinds of audiovisual productions; from projects that only need a single camera operator to large events with a technical team of more than 10 people.


We are serious and professional, we always comply with the agreement and deliver the work within the established deadlines.


One factor we are very aware of is security. We understand that it is essential to respect the rules wherever we go, whether at the level of legal documentation, personal protection (PPE) and everything necessary to work with guarantees. No image is important enough to jeopardize a person’s safety. We also have liability insurance for everything beyond our control.


As for the equipment, we always have a duplicate of the main components of an audiovisual production (camera, sound, light…). This means that we always have a plan B for whatever can happen.


We also transfer this idea to the post-production room where we work with several backup copies of the audiovisual material, one of which always remains physically separate from the others.


We have modern equipment and we take care to train ourselves to be up to date with what is happening in the audiovisual world and to be offer our customers good service with an optimal quality-price relation.



More than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector give us confidence to work quickly and efficiently and carry out projects even if the circumstances are not the more favorable.


We have the main elements of an audiovisual production in duplicate, which allows us to always have a plan B. For everything that escapes our control, we have a Civil Liability policy.


We always meet the agreed conditions and try to give more than expected. We are foresighted, efficient and organized which allows us to optimize resources.


The difference is in the details, so we like to take care of them as much as possible. This approach requires time and money and for this reason we constantly invest in equipment, training and resources.

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