If you want to promote a product or service you are in the right place because promotional video is one of our specialties.

The first step is that you tell us how it works, what are its strengths (and its weaknesses), the added value it brings, what problems it solves, who it is aimed at…

Don’t worry, discretion is part of our DNA and, if necessary, we have no objection to signing a confidentiality agreement.


A promotional video is one that serves to promote a product or service. It has a commercial purpose and aims to build trust and influence the user.

There are different types of promotional videos such as product videos, commercial, corporate videos, process videos, or aspirational videos. Each is suitable for achieving certain goals.

At Cumulonimbus Audiovisuals we have extensive experience and the necessary equipment to deal with these audiovisual productions with all the guarantees.

Below you can see three examples of a promotional video.


We talk about aspirational video if what we want is to create a brand and link it to certain values.

At the same time it is intended to generate a desire or aspiration in the viewer as usually what is promoted is a high-end product or service within its market segment.


The commercial is usually a short audiovisual piece that seeks to create a direct impact on the viewer. He is often accompanied by other videos that support him.

You can see the difference in approach with the video below, although the product being promoted is very similar.


Explicitly teaches the characteristics of a product or service. It is aimed at a specific audience, usually from a specific professional sector.

You can see the difference in approach with the video above, although the product being promoted is very similar.

In the project gallery you will find more examples of promotional videos:

corporate, product, commercial, aspirational and process videos.

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